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Shisoka Clan Trading Card
Codename Kami Kai Logo

Introducing "Codename Kami Kai," a cutting-edge digital collectible brought to you by Killay Corp. CKK is inspired by and pays homage to the legendary warriors of Feudal Japan and Killay Corp's soon-to-be-released Kami Kai Cyber Ronin.

This extraordinary collection consists of 100,000 unique digital collectible trading cards with varying degrees of rarity, all securely stored and verified on the blockchain. Each card is minted as a non-fungible token (NFT), ensuring its authenticity, scarcity, and individual ownership. Prepare to embark on a journey unlike any other as you enter the world of Kami Kai.

Kurai Clan Trading Card

9 clans + THE CLANLESS

Tora Clan Art

Tora Clan

Tenno Class

Shisoka Clan Art

Shisoka Clan

Kuge Class

Uchu Clan Art

Uchu Clan

Daimyo Class

Hiko Clan Art

Hiko Clan

Daimyo Class

Okami Clan Art

Okami Clan

Shogun Class

Shishi Clan Art

Shishi Clan

Shogun Class

Samurai Clan Art

Samurai Clan

Shogun Class

Kurai Clan Art

Kurai Clan

Chonin Class

Hikari Clan Art

Hikari Clan

Kogei Class

Clanless Art


Kyakusho Class

190+ traits

Location Art


Footwear Art


Tactical Pant Art

tactical Pant

Outerwear Art


Clan Art


Bow Art


Avatar Art


Arm Art


Headgear Art


Katana Art


Body Armor Art

body armor

Jetpack Art


100,000 trading cards

collect in packs of
1, 10, 50, 100

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