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Join us in the Metaverse! 

Visit our virtual locations in Spatial and OnCyber

Killay Corp on 8-1-23 at 1.34 PM.png

Join us at the Killay Corp Virtual Headquarters located in Visit our virtual showroom to test our avatars and check out all of the Kami Kai clan art. 

Killay Corp CEO and Chairman Kevin Killay is proud to open the doors to Lady Killay, his Stealth 69 yacht created by friend and 3D artist @GART3_ETH

Lady Killay by 0x04b9458561c76b4fa0cb02c4b6bb20ce9b7831ce.jpg
The Killay Gallery by 0x04b9458561c76b4fa0cb02c4b6bb20ce9b7831ce.jpg

Come relax and hang out at The Killay Gallery designed by Transparent House. Check them out on their X page @THTWEETS

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