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Unveiling the Uniqueness: Traits and Rarity of the Codename Kami Kai NFT Collection by Killay Corp

Welcome to Codename Kami Kai, an exciting NFT collection crafted by the minds at Killay Corp. Within this remarkable universe, a fusion of legendary warriors from feudal Japan and the cutting-edge Kami Kai Cyber Ronin await you. In this blog post, we'll delve into the fascinating traits and rarity of the nine distinguished clans, as well as the captivating limited edition Artist series designed by the talented artist, Yahya El Rifahi.

Nine Clans, Each with its own Unique Rarity:

The heart of the Codename Kami Kai collection lies in its nine clans, each representing a captivating facet of this mystical universe. The clans, ranging in degrees of rarity, offer a diverse array of experiences to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

  • Tora Clan - The Way of the Tiger (500 NFTs): With a level of scarcity befitting their prowess, the Tora Clan exudes strength and power. The Tora Clan also reside in the Tenno Class. CKKs most elite.

  • Shisoka Clan - The Way of the Thinker (700 NFTs): A rare find, the Shisoka Clan embodies wisdom and intellect, making them highly sought-after. The Shisoka reside in the Kuge Class. CKKs intellectual.

  • Uchu Clan - The Way of the Cosmos (1100 NFTs): Exploring the vastness of space, the Uchu Clan captures the imagination with its rarity and cosmic allure. The Uchu reside in the Daimyo Class. CKKs territory Governors.

  • Hiko Clan - The Way of Flight (1200 NFTs): Soaring high above, the Hiko Clan represents the essence of flight and grace, making their NFTs truly special. The Hiko also reside in the Daimyo Class. CKKs territory Governors.

  • Okami Clan - The Way of the Wolf (1300 NFTs): Embracing the spirit of the wolf, the Okami Clan's NFTs possess a distinct rarity and untamed allure. The Okami reside in the Shogun Class. CKKs elite warriors.

  • Shishi Clan - The Way of the Lion (1400 NFTs): The Shishi Clan roars with authority and regal charisma, making their NFTs a prized possession among collectors. The Shishi reside in the Shogun Class. CKKs elite warriors.

  • Samurai Clan - The Way of the Warrior (1500 NFTs): The epitome of martial prowess, the Samurai Clan's NFTs are a treasured gem in the collection. The Samurai reside in the Shogun Class. CKKs elite warriors.

  • Kurai Clan - The Way of Darkness (12,000 NFTs): While more abundant, the Kurai Clan's NFTs reflect the enigmatic allure of their leader, Kevin Killay, adding a unique charm to the collection. The Kurai reside in the Chonin class. CKKs merchants.

  • Hikari Clan - The Way of Light (15,000 NFTs): Radiating with luminous brilliance, the Hikari Clan's NFTs possess an enchanting rarity that captivates all who behold them. The Hikari reside in the Kogei class. CKKs artisans.

  • The Clanless - The Way of the Wanderer (65,000 NFTs): While not bound by a specific clan, these NFTs feature awe-inspiring art and hold a place of significance in the collection. The Clanless reside in the Kyakusho class. CKKs laborers.

Uniting Traits Across Clans: What sets the Codename Kami Kai collection apart is the synergy among the clans. While each clan boasts its own distinct traits, they also share common threads that interconnect the warriors of this mystical world. This unity showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of Killay Corp in creating an immersive and cohesive universe for collectors to explore.

The Artist Series is a collection within the collection. Something else for collectors to seek out. The Artist series features Yahya El Rifahi's hand-picked designs for the 7 rarest clans, elevating the allure of each clan and offering another dimension to the collecting experience. Limited to only 10 renderings per clan throughout the entire collection, these extraordinary pieces embody the spirit of Kami Kai.

As you delve into the captivating world of Codename Kami Kai by Killay Corp, you'll uncover a universe teeming with diversity and rarity. Each clan's NFTs present a distinct experience, while the Artist series provides an exclusive glimpse into the mind of a talented artist. So, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in this extraordinary NFT collection, where legends meet the future, and rarity meets creativity.

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