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Roadmap for Killay Corp

Phase 1: NFT Trading Cards 

  1. Conceptualization and Design: Develop a unique set of 100,000 1 of 1 NFT trading cards featuring characters and artwork related to Kevin Killay and the Killay Corp metaverse universe.

  2. Smart Contract Development: Create and deploy a secure smart contract on a blockchain platform to ensure the authenticity, ownership, and traceability of each NFT trading card.

  3. Minting and Distribution: Generate and mint the 100,000 NFT trading cards and distribute them through the Killay Corp/OneMint marketplace and other dedicated platforms.

  4. Marketing and Community Building: Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign to create awareness and excitement around the NFT trading cards. Engage with the community, interact on social media platforms, and foster a sense of exclusivity and collectibility.

Phase 2: Avatars 

  1. Character Creation and Design: Develop identical twin avatars based on the characters featured in the NFT trading cards. Ensure that each avatar is customizable and reflects the unique traits and attributes of its corresponding trading card.

  2. Avatar Integration: Implement the avatars within the Killay Corp metaverse environment, allowing users to access, own, and customize their avatars.

  3. Avatar Utility: Explore and integrate various utility features for the avatars, such as social interactions, virtual events, virtual fashion, and accessories, and mini-games. This will enhance the user experience and provide additional value to owning and utilizing the avatars.

Phase 3: Killay Corp Brand Development and Expansion

  1. Conceptualization and Design: Envision and design metaverse functional NFTs representing advanced weapons systems like aircraft, armored vehicles, sea vessels, small arms and much more . Each NFT should be unique, with distinct attributes, functionalities, and collectible features.

  2. Smart Contract Development: Create and deploy smart contracts for AWS NFTs, ensuring ownership, transferability, and interoperability within the Killay Corp metaverse ecosystem.

  3. Minting and Distribution: Generate and mint the metaverse functional NFTs, including aircraft, armored vehicles, etc. Distribute them to users through auctions, pre-sales, or direct sales on the Killay Corp/OneMint marketplace.

  4. Integration and Interactivity: Implement the metaverse functional NFTs within the Killay Corp metaverse, allowing users to own, customize, and utilize them for transportation, exploration, and other interactive experiences.

  5. Community Engagement: Foster community engagement by organizing virtual events, competitions, and challenges that involve the use of metaverse functional NFTs. Encourage users to showcase their collections and participate in immersive activities.

Phase 4: Subsidiaries Integration

  1. The JPEG Journal: Integrate the digital media company, The JPEG Journal, into the Killay Corp metaverse. Develop partnerships to provide in-world reporting on all things metaverse-related, including updates on Killay Corp events, new releases, and industry news.

  2. Tango Down: Develop Tango Down, a digital small arms manufacturer. Design and create virtual weapons and accessories for Killay Corp avatars. Integrate their products into the avatar customization options and establish a partnership for ongoing updates and releases.

  3. Kevin Killay: Integrate Kevin Killay as an NFT-based fashion brand. Collaborate with digital fashion designers to create unique and stylish clothing options for avatars, providing users with a wide range of fashionable choices.

  4. AI Walkers: Develop AI Walkers, an advanced avatar developer, to enhance the customization and capabilities of Killay Corp avatars. Explore the integration of AI technologies and advanced animations to provide more lifelike and interactive avatars.

  5. Killay Capital: Create Killay Capital, a venture capital fund that focuses on investing in metaverse projects. Allocate resources to identify and invest in promising metaverse startups and projects, aiming to grow and diversify the Killay Corp metaverse ecosystem.

Phase 5: Ecosystem Expansion and Iteration

  1. User Feedback and Iteration: Collect user feedback and suggestions to improve the metaverse experience, enhance existing features, and identify potential new additions to the Killay Corp metaverse ecosystem.

  2. Partnerships and Collaborations: Seek partnerships and collaborations with other metaverse projects, brands, and influencers to expand the Killay Corp metaverse, introduce cross-platform functionalities, and attract a wider user base.

  3. Continuous Development: Maintain a dedicated team to continuously develop and update the Killay Corp metaverse, incorporating technological advancements, user demands, and industry trends.

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